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Master Key Week 10 – I Wasn’t Prepared for This

better by changeWe are a little over one third through the Maser Key Experience. I like to use the word experience to describe what we are doing. To call it a course seems somewhat degrading. A course indicates to me that it something we have to endure in order to graduate………a necessity, a must with no choice. While that may be partially true, the use of the word experience allows what we are doing to rise to a much different and exciting level. The connotation for me is a passion for newness, improvement and real positive change. It truly is an event in which there discovery and self discovery of many kinds and it rises to the level of a wonderful experience. Self discovery is not difficult. Changing the way we think and act as a result of our thinking can be very difficult. Sometimes it isn’t very pretty either and may cause conflict. I was not prepared for that.

I have found that individuals, particularly in my family, recognize the changes and the magnitude there of and wonder what’s wrong with John. He is acting in such a different manner. This has been a cause of some severe conflicts within the family and among my peers.

The two areas in my life currently that have been impacted are the improvement in my decisiveness and the reduction in my level of procrastination. As a result of this I am somewhat less tolerant of others who drag their feet or vacillate on a decision. I find that I must be very careful to not bark orders and create conflict within the household and in the workplace.discovery

Don’t get me wrong. W are not killing each other. It won’t ever get like that. I have been married 48 years and certainly have too much love and respect for the family to create significant problems. Dealing with these types of changes has been a new experience and one that I was not prepared for. Overall it has been extremely positive as I am able to get more done in a day, week, or month than ever before and that is very satisfying. Each day is a new adventure in self discovery. So far I like what I am finding  and who I am. I have discovered that I am much better than I thought I was and that  is very cool!


Master Key Week 9 – It’s All About Desire.

When the mind is ready to receive and understand a concept it is presented. That’s what happened this week when I began to delve into Chapter nine of The Master Key System.

Every parent loves their child. It’s only natural. They love them more when they are sick or injured. It’s only natural. I read this week’s assignment in the Master Key System, and was reminded of an event in my family’s life 30+ years ago and was inspired to share. Emotion took over when I finally understood the power of desire and thoughts that produce action to a specific desired result. My understanding was manifested as a result of an event that occurred over 30 years ago.

David was born with a severe concave chest. At age 2 he had surgery to repair the defect. The surgery was unsuccessful. Several years later the sternum began to sink again. This time the deformity was of greater severity. The sternum was so inverted that it pressed down on the lungs and restricting air flow. Surgery would again be necessary.

Prior to the second surgery David contracted pneumonia. The pneumonia was misdiagnosed for a period of 6 weeks. The result of the misdiagnosis was a collapsed lung. “There is no chance of repair” the Dr said. At age 6 David would undergo a 3rd surgery to remove the bottom lobe of his left lung. I could feel the air being squeezed from  me as I understood the gravity of the Dr.s’ statement. After several consultations we decided to wait 30 days. The Dr was not in favor of this decision. He was emphatic that there was no chance of repair and we should expect that we would schedule the surgery after 30 days.

His mother and I were determined. We would not accept the fact that David would lose the greater portion of that lung.

David’s physical therapy required that his mother pound on his back each night over the lung to dislodge fluid that would build up as result of the restricted air flow. Each night for 30 days and additional times as necessary the therapy continued in order to clear out the lung.

For my part David and I ran as far as he physically could stand every day before school. Some days he was gasping for air but I pushed and pushed until we arrived back at the house. I treated the lung as if it were a muscle. Use it or lose it. I was determined that David would not lose the ability to use that lung. It would be fully functional again. Daily affirmations of David’s lung is healed, David’ lung is healthy, David’s body is whole were part of a routine….morning and night.

“Hold in mind the condition desired; affirm it as an already existing fact.” Haanel says

Burning desire does not begin to describe our level of determination. Obsession is a better description and our faith was absolutely unshakable. We wanted the health of our son to be restored fully. That was the goal. We would not be deterred.

Thirty plus days later we returned to the Dr. to get the verdict. I will never forget the look of dismay that appeared on the Dr’s face as he examined our son. The first words out of his mouth were “It’s a miracle. It’s nothing short of a miracle” The therapy, running and determination of making our son whole again were the catalyst to the wellness that he enjoys today.“Hold in mind the condition desired; affirm it as an already existing fact.” Today David is whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”

Recalling this single event in my life has firmly cemented in my mind the concepts about which Haanel speaks. I suspect that if given the chance there are events that we all can recall that will give rise to the same feelings as I had when I read this chapter. They may or may not be as dramatic as a severe health issue, but they will reinforce what we are learning. Catalog the events in your life and share your thoughts in your next blog. Recalling the events and then sharing the details raised the belief level in higher for me.

This is Thanksgiving Day. I have much to be thankful for. My son’s health is one. Recalling the events that contributed to his health is another.  This might be late but it doesn’t make me any less thankful.  I hope all in MKMMA are as thankful as am I.  Happy Thanksgiving to the MKMMA group



Master Key Week 8 The Mental Diet Persistence, Persistence, Persistence!

Have you ever gone on a positive mental diet? This is my bazillionth try at this. When I say this is my bazillionth try I am really saying that I just keep starting over that many times during the week. I just have difficulty keeping a positive mental attitude in the forefront of my mind daily to the level that Fox descrimental diet week 8bes……no demands! I just keep plugging away at this. I am happy to say I have made significant progress this week. I actually have gone almost 3 days without starting over. Yabba dabba doo!!!! That is genuine progress and I am extraordinarily proud of this progress. It has taken a huge effort on my part to get this far.

How did I get to this point? The primary reasons for the success this week is really simple. I read The Mental Diet by Fox each night before I retire and again each morning when I rise. That helps to keep the process of a positive mental attitude thought process in the forefront of my mind during the day. In addition I repeat to myself “positive mental attitude” about 100 times each day. That also helps…………dramatically! It is the same thing as the “do it now” and “I can be what I will to be” incantation we are repeating. I have failed, I mean faltered, at this exercise diet countless times. I am not to be denied. Success will be mine!! I have made genuine progress with my efforts.

The primary reason for the effort besides just wanting to complete the task is Fox’s description of the result of the effort. The most important of all factors in your life is the mental diet on which you live. It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life………… If you change your mind, your conditions must change too. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds”

Granted there have been techniques used to stay on track. The real power behind the success is the change in the blueprint. I can truly feel it taking hold. The techniques were established during the daily sit but the effort is just the absolute desire to change my thought processes to achieve my DMP and remove the other negative variances in my lifepersistence and achievement currently.

This past year has been extraordinarily difficult on me and my entire family. The Seven Day Mental Diet appeared in my life at a most opportune time and I am unbelievably grateful. Is it the Law of Attraction? I think yes. but is also the culmination effort, desire and necessity that also had a hand in the success. However it happened or who is to receive the thanks makes no difference to me ……… heart is filled with gratitude for the success and the diet. It is a diet filled with hope!


Master Key Week 7 Let Your Emotions Drive the Train!

visualiation 2How many times have we been told to dream big? All my child hood my parents would say to me “John dream as big as you can. There are no limits” Isn’t that exactly what Haanel is telling us in Part 7 of The Master Key? The difference is  he explains how to get to where we want to travel and he gives us a method to begin the journey.

Visualization is the method by which your dreams, let’s substitute desires for dreams, will become your reality. Dreams do not to result in action. Desires will.  They are stronger! In order to know where we are going we must see the end. There are no limits to what you can build. Every detail should be in place. Picture your life in the exactness of your desires and the methods by which you will arrive at the desired destination will become apparent.

It all sounds so very simple. It isn’t. Mentally this is huge challenge and difficult work. It has forced me to journal my 15 to 20 minute sits each day. At the end of the time period I write down as much as I can remember in a personal journal. That allows me to really focus from day to day on details of my desires. Some days my thoughts are scattered and on others they are very focused. As I stated in other blogs, this is my second time through MKMMA. The additional benefit of journaling is that it builds enthusiasm which is an emotion. Believe me when I tell you that emotion drives the train!!!

Let me offer proof regarding the emotion issue. We hear  Mark say it all the time. Say it or read it with ENNNNNNNNTHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSMMMMMMMMMMM!Enthusiasm is an emotion.

The morning after my grandson died this past summer my daughter made a statement that John Mercer will not haveemotion chart died in vain. She vowed to make something positive from the death. That statement was filled with neutronmega emotion and it wasn’t enthusiasm. It was just raw emotion. A week later she latched onto the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. At that point she stated that she would raise $500 for the Out of the Darkness walk held every year at Labor Day. When she made that statement I said let’s raise $10,000. The subconscious doesn’t know a big idea from a little idea. We began in earnest towards that goal. By the time the walk occurred less than 90 days later our family  had realized $20,000 as a contribution to AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk. We knew exactly where we wanted to go  and  it was raised on pure raw emotion.  The Law of attraction also jumped in. Restaurants we frequented offerd to help by donating portions of the proceds of meals to AFSP in John Mercers name. The whole community chipped in in countless ways with money and time. If you want to achieve your desires, see them in their finality and GET FREAKING  EMOTIONAL!

Master Key Week 6-Attention is a Success Characteristic.

Pay Attention John! You need to pay attention John! Where is your mind John? Pay attention!  Growing up I can’t tell you how many times I hear those phrases from my mother and father and certainly my teachers in school.  A stellar student I was not. It turns out they were dead on the money and I hate it when that happens. As the saying goes the older I get the more intelligent my parents became. It has always been true and always has provides the same level of irritation.Attention

In this case I don’t think they really understood the ramifications of really paying attention. Charles Haanell says in 6-17 “Attention or concentration is probably the most important essential in the development of mind culture The possibilities of attention when properly directed are so startling that they would hardly appear credible to the uninitiated. The cultivation of attention is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman, and is the very highest personal accomplishment of which can be acquired.”Freaking WOW!  That is quite a statement. Most important essential, startling, very highest. These are not casual words. These are words that are used only for the highest of praise.  Is this word attention really deserving of such high praise?Keep calm attention

If you look back during the past 6 weeks. attention to some special item is all we have done.  Attention to your DMP. (for the uninitiated DMP stands for Definite Major Purpose) Attention to writing the DMP…. not just casually but with real clarity and attention to focus and detail.  Attention to your press release. …………….. every little detail that you can put together for your new  life. If you spent as much time on this as I did, you have a clear picture of  your future self and who is in it.  Attention to repetition of the DMP every day for 3 times a  day This week the movie poster  and attention to smart goals and attention to creating more ways to drive the message of your future life deep into the subconscious.  Attention to “I can be what I will to be” thrice daily or as many times as you  think  of it.  It is attention to any characteristic that will help you achieve what we all want so badly which is a whole life for ourselves and for our families. Each of us may have different views of what that may be but in the end we want to  follow and achieve that true bliss.   It can be achieved if we just learn to pay attention.  Seems pretty simple…. Who Knew?