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Master Key Week 10 – I Wasn’t Prepared for This

better by changeWe are a little over one third through the Maser Key Experience. I like to use the word experience to describe what we are doing. To call it a course seems somewhat degrading. A course indicates to me that it something we have to endure in order to graduate………a necessity, a must with no choice. While that may be partially true, the use of the word experience allows what we are doing to rise to a much different and exciting level. The connotation for me is a passion for newness, improvement and real positive change. It truly is an event in which there discovery and self discovery of many kinds and it rises to the level of a wonderful experience. Self discovery is not difficult. Changing the way we think and act as a result of our thinking can be very difficult. Sometimes it isn’t very pretty either and may cause conflict. I was not prepared for that.

I have found that individuals, particularly in my family, recognize the changes and the magnitude there of and wonder what’s wrong with John. He is acting in such a different manner. This has been a cause of some severe conflicts within the family and among my peers.

The two areas in my life currently that have been impacted are the improvement in my decisiveness and the reduction in my level of procrastination. As a result of this I am somewhat less tolerant of others who drag their feet or vacillate on a decision. I find that I must be very careful to not bark orders and create conflict within the household and in the workplace.discovery

Don’t get me wrong. W are not killing each other. It won’t ever get like that. I have been married 48 years and certainly have too much love and respect for the family to create significant problems. Dealing with these types of changes has been a new experience and one that I was not prepared for. Overall it has been extremely positive as I am able to get more done in a day, week, or month than ever before and that is very satisfying. Each day is a new adventure in self discovery. So far I like what I am finding  and who I am. I have discovered that I am much better than I thought I was and that  is very cool!


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2 thoughts on “Master Key Week 10 – I Wasn’t Prepared for This

  1. Sarah Horne says:

    John great post.  Thanks for being real…it is hard want to impose change on others at times.  I think of being that silent observer and how grateful I am that I found MKMMA on my own wishes and accord.  I think that is what we all want for our dear ones.  Mahalo!

  2. Karen Krill says:

    John, I thinks of you often and somehow today I found your site. I’m still working n health issues and making progress. In the past when I tried to read your posts I was difficult and today it’s much easier. Congratulations on another year of MK commitment. I use the things I learned often and and would like to redo some time. Don’t know if you will view this at some time. loved this post. Karen          Hope I can find my way here again. Still working on computer skills.


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