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Master Key Week 7 Let Your Emotions Drive the Train!

visualiation 2How many times have we been told to dream big? All my child hood my parents would say to me “John dream as big as you can. There are no limits” Isn’t that exactly what Haanel is telling us in Part 7 of The Master Key? The difference is  he explains how to get to where we want to travel and he gives us a method to begin the journey.

Visualization is the method by which your dreams, let’s substitute desires for dreams, will become your reality. Dreams do not to result in action. Desires will.  They are stronger! In order to know where we are going we must see the end. There are no limits to what you can build. Every detail should be in place. Picture your life in the exactness of your desires and the methods by which you will arrive at the desired destination will become apparent.

It all sounds so very simple. It isn’t. Mentally this is huge challenge and difficult work. It has forced me to journal my 15 to 20 minute sits each day. At the end of the time period I write down as much as I can remember in a personal journal. That allows me to really focus from day to day on details of my desires. Some days my thoughts are scattered and on others they are very focused. As I stated in other blogs, this is my second time through MKMMA. The additional benefit of journaling is that it builds enthusiasm which is an emotion. Believe me when I tell you that emotion drives the train!!!

Let me offer proof regarding the emotion issue. We hear  Mark say it all the time. Say it or read it with ENNNNNNNNTHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSMMMMMMMMMMM!Enthusiasm is an emotion.

The morning after my grandson died this past summer my daughter made a statement that John Mercer will not haveemotion chart died in vain. She vowed to make something positive from the death. That statement was filled with neutronmega emotion and it wasn’t enthusiasm. It was just raw emotion. A week later she latched onto the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. At that point she stated that she would raise $500 for the Out of the Darkness walk held every year at Labor Day. When she made that statement I said let’s raise $10,000. The subconscious doesn’t know a big idea from a little idea. We began in earnest towards that goal. By the time the walk occurred less than 90 days later our family  had realized $20,000 as a contribution to AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk. We knew exactly where we wanted to go  and  it was raised on pure raw emotion.  The Law of attraction also jumped in. Restaurants we frequented offerd to help by donating portions of the proceds of meals to AFSP in John Mercers name. The whole community chipped in in countless ways with money and time. If you want to achieve your desires, see them in their finality and GET FREAKING  EMOTIONAL!

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4 thoughts on “Master Key Week 7 Let Your Emotions Drive the Train!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi John, enjoyed reading your post. You shared a lot here, loved how you  captured Mark and his “eenntthhuussiiaassmm”! Thanks for sharing about journaling, I can see where that would be very helpful. You and your family made a big difference, working with raw emotion, to raise $20,000 For AFSP in John’s name, and have your community get involved. Your post is very inspiring!

    • John says:

      Suzanne, Thanks for visiting and for the kind words. Although there was great sorrow, there was great satisfaction as well.
      Thanks again.


  2. Sarah Horne says:

    That is right….give freaking emotional about it!

    • John says:

      Sarah, Emotion is a great tool if used correctly………even sorrow. Thanks for the visit.



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