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Master Key Week 1- A NEW BEGINNING

I am a retired mortgage banker after 38 years. I have had many successes in my life and an equal number of failures. Regardless of the blog title I am not flawless. I just tell people that when they ask how I am. I say “I’m flawless” and the conversation begins a that point, It is a great conversation starter……almost always and it’s fun.

Strangely at my age I am seeking a new way of thinking about life, all that can happen to you and how to change your circumstances. I literally stumbled across a group named Go90Grow about 3 years ago and have gone through the Think and Grow Rich Course that was offered. The leader of this group is an individual named Mark Januszewski (The Worlds Laziest Networker) My thought processes have changed dramatically with the skills I have learned from Mark and his teachings. I know however, there is more and I want it.

I since have enrolled in A Master Key Master Mind Alliance with 300 other people around the world. This is a group sponsored by the same Mark Januszewski. The is a true mastermind organization, i.e. two or more people working in perfect harmony together. I expect to learn a great deal from the instructors and the student body. By my enrollment I have the ability to tap into 300 other minds and gain new ideas, sharpen my thought processes, change my thinking and grow……….. in dramatic manner. What an experience this promises be. I am so excited I have a hard time holding a thought as to the possibilities.

“All growth is from within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to this great law, and the error of the ages is in looking for strength or power from without.” While I agree with this statement from the Master Key System that the desire must be there a resource of 300 hundred other minds is too extraordinary and shouldn’t be discounted.

I don’t know how this new beginning will end however, given my previous experience with this organization it will be exceptional result. That however, is not the important aspect of the course. The journey, the process, the required work,the internal growth and the constant stream of information to achieve this end promises to be extraordinary and truly life changing.

Follow me on the extraordinary journey of self discovery!

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