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Master Key Week 5 The Subconscious Knows All.

Thought is mind in action.  Thought is creative.  Nothing you see was not begun first with a thought.  The subconscious thought controls 90% of what we do on daily basis.  I said 90%! If you are not tapped into your  subconscious,  you are only using 10% of your brain power.  How much better could you be if you could tap into and additional 20%, 30% 40% or more of your subconscious  mind?   I don’t know how much better but I am willing to find out.  No, I am positive mental attitudeyearning to find out how much better I can be!

In fact I am finding out daily in the Master Key course. The subconscious is powerful ! It can solve any problem. It is always at work. It will take you anywhere you want to go if you only give it the proper direction. There are over 4 billion synaptic connections working 24/7/365 to achieve any goal you want. The real question is do you have a  very  specific vision as to where you want to go or will you just drift? Our minds pervade every part of our body and the subconscious is always capable of  being directed by the conscious mind.

How can this happen? State what you  want. Make it specific. Set a specific date. If money is involved  state how much and by when.  There can be no generalizations!  The subconscious con only act if you tell it EXACTLY what you want.  Write your desires down and  continue to refine your desires.   You need not tell your subconscious how your desires are to be manifested. It will figure them out  through the natural laws that apply.  This may sound to many of you like a large pile of ________________ (fill in the blank ) but here is the rest of the story.definite major puipose

Two years ago I began  pursuing the Master Key  course. I worked hard all 26 weeks and followed the instructions of the instructor. There was a great deal of skepticism but I pushed it aside and   moved on.  My burning desire was to retire by December 31, 2015  but there was a huge problem. I did not have enough money set aside to retire and I had no idea as to how I would get  it.

Last year I had an idea that I would flip houses and I began to pursue that objective. During my investigations I ran across a  business that finds lost funds for  homeowner’s who have been foreclosed or been the victim of a tax sale. The surplus funds are held in the courts, rarely returned to the homeowner and remain on deposit with the state.  My business  finds the funds, tracks down the previous homeowner and returns the funds. Obviously there are cost involved on our part and we do this for a  profit but most of  the homeowners are more than happy to pay  a reasonable fee to receive $10,15, and sometimes $30,000. They never knew there was any money left after the sale. For them it is a bonus from a unsatisfactory portion of their life.  You cannot imagine the look on someones face when you hand them a check for $25,000.   As I said in my previous post I am the channel that enriches other people lives. The point is that I was lead to this business  as a part of my focus on my burning desire to retire and invested in it.  As a result I will retire  at the end of this 2016 with a substantial retirement income.  As an added bonus  I am helping a lot of people by returning funds from a foreclosed property and other tax sales. What could be more rewarding?!

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Master Key Week 4 Be the Channel That Enriches the Lives of Others

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” Most of us grew up with that. If you went to Sunday school and church, I know you heard it so many times.  I went all the time and my parents repeated it often. How much gratitude have you received from  a kind act or a highly prized gift or a surprise for someone special in your life and you completed the kindness without any expectation of reciprocity.

abundanceWhich brings us to Week 4 of the Master Key. We are eternally connected to the “I”. Call him God, The Universal Being., The great I Am, Yaweh or what ever you wish. The point is that we are all connected to this  entity and have access….unfettered access to him as we wish.

This marvelous entity has the power to think and by our attachment to him we have been given the power to think also. Unfortunately as children most of our thoughts are very self centered. As we mature our thought process expands to  a reduction of that selfishness and becomes more outward to others.  As we experience the excitement  and thrill  of  being able to provide and be of service to others we come to realize that  the phrase “give more get more” is not just a phrase but a reality.

My family had a personal tragedy last year. My oldest grandson committed suicide. We, as a family became extremely involved in  raising money for suicide prevention. While I would give all I own to have John Mercer back again, the ability to raise the level of funds  that  we have been able to raise in the last year is gratifying beyond opens the way for receiving

The Universal Mind, The I, is constantly seeking channels through which it can express itself and it constantly seeking the channels where it can do the most good. I firmly believe that as a result of our unselfish  fundraising efforts our focus on creating foundation in our grandsons memory I have been rewarded with business opportunities  that  I never would have considered under most circumstances. Those business opportunities will allow me to reach my DMP which is retirement within the next year and provide funding for the John Mercer Thomas Austin Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Give more, get more. Believe it. Live it. It is a reality.



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Master Key Week 3 Find Your One Thing and Change Your Life.

That is a pretty simple statement.  Most people don’t think about changing their conditions, They would rather complain about the situation and do nothing. I don’t know what to do. I can’t do that. I’m afraid.  I don’t have enough time. These are just some of the excuses. I have heard  from people over the years.  The real excuse is that they   don’t REALLY  know  what they want.  Most people have never sat down and seriously thought  about their true bliss. The one or two  items in their life that would create the greatest amount of  happiness in their lives.

The Master Key  forces you to look  inward and discover that one thing as Jack Palance says in the movie City Slickers.  Currently each student is looking inward to discover  that “One Thing”

This is the third time I have been through the Master Key Course. It took me a while to  nail down what I really want out of the rest of my life. The first try I got it partially correct. Retirement manifesting Autonomy and Legacy. After the second time through I added one additional item in memory of  my grandson. I am going to establish the John Mercer Thomas Austin  Master Key Academy  and help teens focus on what they really want for their lives. As Haanel says “Our difficulties  are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance  of our true interests. The great task is to discover the laws of nature to which we are to adjust ourselves Clear thinking  and moral insight are, therefore, of incalculable value.” 

Here is what I can tell you about this course. Do your best work every day. Find your one thing. I guarantee that once you do and you continually keep it in the forefront of your mind. The universe will do everything it can to help you manifest  your Definite Major Purpose in your life.

It has for me. It will for you and anybody else who wants to take the journey.


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Master Key Week 2 The Value of Habits….. Good Habits

plan posterI always loved to exercise. In my 30’s and 40s I began to run and generally would finish the week at somewhere between 36 and 45 miles cumulative. It became a habit. Each day I would get up at 5:00 A. M., stretch for about 20 minutes and begin the 6 to 7 mile trek down town and back.  Weight 190, Blood Pressure 110 over 80  BMI 16. Physically fit in all respects. It was a habit….a very good habit and I was it slave and since it was a good habit it was my will.      

Later I substituted another habit for running. It was called business, life, travel, family and any number of other names.  I gained 60 lbs and my physicality went to hell.

I retired from the mortgage banking industry in October of 2010.  I took a position in inside sales at  It began as a $13.00 per hour position and has since turned in to a high five figure number. The office is close enough to my home to walk each day when the weather permits. In the late spring, early fall and summer months it is delightful.

After having been at for about 3 months I learned that they would pay half of my membership to Weight Watchers.  I had tried  WW before and lost some weight. It didn’t seem that difficult. Like most of us I didn’t say with it. Weight Watchers allows you so many points in food to eat and when you exercise you are allowed even more points. In addition you also get 49 bonus points.

I got to thinking. If I walk to and from work each day 5 days per week that is worth 10 points. I powercan choose to eat those points or not use them and lose weight that much quicker.  After 3 months of walking to work the weight began to drop off. I took it another step further. What if I walk 1 mile on my breaks and another mile at lunch? Now we are talking 5 -6 miles per day. That is 10 additional food points per day and 50 points a week.  I started in earnest the beginning of a new habit. I walk to and from work and 1 mile at lunch and on my breaks.   My weight has dropped from 260 down to 202 and my BP is back to the 110 or 80 number I spoke about above. I have kept the weight off for almost 4 years now and I really don’t have to think about walking each day. I just get out of my chair each morning, afternoon and lunch and go for a walk. I do not even think about it. My subby as we call it has taken over.      

My Dr. told me that if I continue to walk 5 miles a day I will add 25 year to my life. I told him that can’t happen I don’t have that much money.  


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Master Key Week 1-A World of New Possibilities.

Would you bring into your life more power? Get power consciousness. More health? Get health consciousness. More happiness? Get happiness consciousness. Live the spirit of these things until they become yours by right. It will then become impossible to keep them from you. Charles T. Haanel 

Over the next 26 plus weeks this column will be dedicated to showing you how whatever you want in life can be yours. The marvelous concept is this. These feelings are already in you.  It is up to you to learn how to bring them to the forefront of your live so you can have anything that you truly  desire.

Our minds are creative and all the conditions of our environment and all the experiences are the result of our habitual thinking.  The attitude of the mind depends on what we think. Therefore the secret of all power, all achievement and all possession depends  on our method of thinking.Thoughts have power

There is a world within each of us. This world is made up of thought and feeling and power. These are invisible forces yet they are mighty  and this world is governed by the mind. The world without is necessarily a reflection of the world within. This  world within  filled with and infinite supply of wisdom, power, and all else necessary to effect, create and/or change  the world without.

When  the mind thinks correctly, when it understands the truth, when its thoughts sent to the cerebro-spinal system are constructive and positive , these sensations are positive and pleasant . We build strength , vitality, with positive thoughts  through objective mind .Yet at the same time when the  same objective mind focuses on distress, sickness, lack, limitation and all other forms of discord  all forms of inharmony is admitted into our lives. It is therefore the objective mind, by wrong thinking, that we relate to all the destructive forces that can pervade or existence.

We are related to the world within through the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind; the sympathetic  system   of nerves presides over all subjective sensations  such as fear, love , joy emotion, respiration,  imagination and all other conscious phenomena. It is through the subconscious that we are connected to the Universal Mind.  It is through the understanding of the functions  conscious and subconscious and their relationship to the Universal Mind  that  allows us to understand the great secret of life. Our  future is entirely in our control and not controlled by the whims  and capriciousness of nature or any other external, power.

universal mindThere is but one principal consciousness in the universe  able to think.  This consciousness which is Omnipresent and is present in every individual and each individual is a manifestation of that Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent Consciousness.  Your consciousness is identical with the Universal  consciousness.  This is to say all mind is one mind and you/we/me/everybody is vessel through which  The Universal Mind flows. Recognition of the connection and the mental processes of  interaction between the individual and The Universal  Mind is the key to changing your individual world and making of it anything you wish…..ANYTHING!

Mind is static. Thought is the dynamic process of the mind that allows you to interact with the  universal mind. The ability of the individual to think is his ability to act on Universal Mind and bring it into manifestation.

The power of the world within, which  is the cause,  and the world without is the effect.  When you understand the power of the world within and the realization that it is already in you to change the world without, you will realize that your external world can be changed through this  connection to the Universal Mind.


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