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Press Release- I Am Here Because I Made a Flawless Decision!

I met John when we were on the same plane traveling from Europe to the states on my pride and joy, Virgin Atlantic Airways. As we sat in first class and talked I felt that his story was compelling and necessary to share with others who want change or who have made huge mistakes in their life.

Good morning John. I guess my first question is how do you like retirement?

I never realized it could be this good.

What do you mean?

I retired from the mortgage banking industry in 2010. During the years of 1980 to about 1994 money was growing on trees. I was traveling all over the country and living a really great life. My children were in private schools; my wife was there to take care of them. I had the finest clothes. I drove a BMW. My mortgage staff was sensational. I wanted for nothing. But I didn’t know how to handle the success and the money that went within it and I let it all slip away. My favorite line was from a Jimmy Buffet song that said “I made enough money to buy Miami but pissed it away so fast.” I was looking at a situation where I didn’t think that my wife and I could ever retire. We would work until they put us under and I would never be able to leave anything to my children or grandchildren.

I spent the next 20 years trying to find my way. It wasn’t until I met an individual named Mark Januszewski that realized that I could live the life I’m living now. It is nothing short of magnificent for me and my family! You know how the saying goes ‘A rising tide raises all boats” My success has raised the standard of the whole family. We could not be happier with our lot in life.

What did he do or say that led you to believe your life could be this good?

One thing.

What was that?

The Master Key

The Master Key?  I don’t understand.

The Master Key is a book written by Charles Haanel many years ago. In it he states that our thoughts are causes and the events and things we have in our lives are the effects. The book and the course shows you how to train your thoughts toward getting the things in life that you really want. In my case it is retirement for my wife and I on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to enjoy our grand children. In addition I want to leave a legacy for  my children in the form of a sizable estate for them to enjoy. Since I began to work at the system. I have since  added a third item to my personal burning desire. That is to create a Master Key Academy in the name of my Grandson John Mercer.

Can you be a little more explicit with regard to the Master Key System? 

There was a whole mindset that has to take place within you and Mark J  introduced me to Master Key System. With the aid of the Master Key I became part of a Master Mind Group. This is a 26 week course that helped me grow within myself and helped me think my way to this home and this lifestyle we have now. You are creating within yourself a belief system and a method to tap into your subconscious to help you achieve  what we like to call our dharma or your true bliss. The subconscious is very powerful and  we use it 90% of the time. We just don’t know it.  The Master Key System teaches you how to direct your subconscious to achieve greater and better things in your life.

Are you really asking me to believe you thought your way to this environment? I believe I have a hard time with that. Could you explain?

It is really quite simple. If you build a burning desire within you  and I mean a REAL HARD CORE ENTHUSIASTIC BURNING GEEHAWWIMMYDIDDLE DESIRE for some purpose and develop the faith that your purpose can be achieved, the manner in which the desire will be manifested will become known to you. If you have ever read the storied book Think and Grow Rich you will see that this is the basic principle behind what I just said. In fact hundreds  if not thousands of great men and women have used this basic premise to achieve great success in their lives. Edison, Carnegie, Ford etc. I suspect if you were honest with yourself that premise is exactly how you achieved your success Sir Richard. I admit that  I was as skeptical as you seem to be  right now. In fact the first time I took the course I was so skeptical  that I didn’t really work at as I should have. Consequently I didn’t achieve my burning desire of the retirement and the Eastern Shore home. It wasn’t until the third time around that things began to change for me.

What happened the second time?

Since I  didn’t give it everything I could the first time I wanted to go around again. My problem was that our family had a very personal tragedy and I just couldn’t concentrate on the necessary skills in order to achieve my Definite Major Purpose.

May I ask what the tragedy was  that caused you to falter?

Yes, My grandson committed suicide in June of 2014 and it really was devastating to me and to the rest of the family.  I however, believed that I could achieve my DMP  but it was necessary for me to change my own personal blueprint in order to make that happen.  I have started the process the third time  in order go through the process.

What led you to believe that you could achieve your burning desire? 

I noticed changes in  my behavior after both the first and second try  at the course and  I was quite surprised.  I began to notice that I completed tasks automatically without giving it a lot of thought. I was tapping into my subconscious and that is the real focus of  The Master Key. That alone made continue to try to live a different life than I have lived for the last  70 years. I want so much  to leave a great legacy for my son, daughter  and wife and my grandson Caleb.  In addition the Master Key Academy will be a tribute to John Mercer.

How would you compare your life now as to 5 years ago?

Oh my heavens. Take a look at your surroundings. We are on this deck overlooking the Chesapeake Bay with a 270 degree view of the water. My home sits up on a bluff so flooding is not an issue. The 36 foot pool is surrounded with a fire pit and for cool fall nights and spring nights to sit outside and watch the stars. It is beautiful here late at night because there is no ambient city light to mar the sky view. We have an acre of land that is 500 yards off the road. It is a retreat unto itself. We are completely self sustaining using solar and wind energy to light and heat the home and pool. If we want to play in the salt water ocean, it’s a short 50 yard walk to fishing, boating kayaking or any other water sport you may want. We watch wildlife cross our property almost daily and marvel at the beauty of what we have in this 7000 square foot home and the surrounding property. Five years ago I was just short of bankruptcy and struggling for every dollar earned. The cash flows in on a daily basis now and I just go to my computer and check to see how much I made yesterday or any day. I am truly blessed with family friends and a life that 5 years ago I couldn’t even imagine. I developed a definite major purpose held it close in my  mind daily and enthusiastically and faithfully worked at it to achieve what I have now.

Creating all this in my mind  envisioning the compound the house the view of the ocean in my mind was the first and most major step! After that  filled that vision with  huge amounts of emotion to develop the belief that it really could happen.  The emotion is what really drives the train!!

With all the beauty that surrounds me here the best part is that I am able to carve out my day as I desire. I no longer live by the clock. I live by the compass. I have made arrangements to leave this as a legacy to my children and grand children when I’m gone. I hope they enjoy the beauty of this marvelous place. If they do now I am sure they will in the future. I have made plans for this property to stay in our family for years to come and for everyone to enjoy. The satisfaction I have received by building the business and this place is immeasurable and I owe much of it to the skills and change in mind set that was learned from someone I haven’t even met in person. I have only talked to him on the phone during a webinar.

Is there anything left for you?

Absolutely! It’s a remarkable story and the most remarkable part is that it’s not over yet. With all that I have been able to achieve with the help of many other people, this story as more to tell and I am so excited to continue the journey and hopefully help others achieve their dreams also. As they say on television “Stay tuned” The Master Key Academy named in memory of my grandson will focus on helping other young men and women achieve their own personal bliss. That will be the most satisfying part of this whole journey! Helping; being the channel that enriches the lives of others.

Congratulations is certainly in order John and certainly congratulations is in order to Mark as well.  I think that should be my next interview. I am absolutely fascinated with what you have told me about him and the techniques he has taught you.   Sir Richard go to is web site   and make contact with him. I am sure he would love to interview with you and share his story as well.

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10 thoughts on “Press Release- I Am Here Because I Made a Flawless Decision!

  1. Cindy DiZio says:

    I LOVE this !!!

  2. Karen Krill says:

    What a great vision. Enjoyed reading about your great life. Your success with Go90Grow motivates to be more diligent.

    • John says:

      Go90grow and MKMMA have been eyeopening and life changing in so many ways.
      Thanks for visiting and the comments. Merry Christmas.


  3. Michelle Mangrum says:

    John!  Awesome Press Release.  I have so many of the same dreams and desires, I felt like you had invaded my mind and wrote out some of my thoughts.  Thank you!  Very inspiring!  I want an invitation to visit the “estate” when you acquire it.

    • John says:

      Michelle Thanks for visitng and your comments. They are greatly appreciated. Merry Chrstmas to you andyour family.


  4. Steve Brownell says:

    I enjoyed the read here John.  I could feel the breeze, smell the ocean, and see the stars – mmmmm!

    And your passion for family and life is heartfelt.  Well done  {8D

  5. John Champagne says:

    This is an amazing press release, I can truly feel your new reality and it feels awesome. I love your writing style.

  6. Chuck Bartok says:

    Wonderful Press Release and It is to Be, because you are Willing It.


  7. Carol Marsocci says:

    Absolutely beautiful John, so articulate and moving at the same time.  You can be what you will to be.  Enjoy, Carol


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